Imitation Systems


Imitation Systems (IMSYS) is an audio based software and research project exploring the spatialization of partials, resulting from a fourier analysis of complex signals. The primary use case for this tool was imagined as a means for multi-channel spectral composition, as well as a possible starting point for experimental methods in spatially focused, fourier synthesis. The title of the project is derived from an acknowledgement that this audio spatialization system, like others, is founded on the simulation of real spaces, and works by creating the illusion of sonic movement in a multi-channel speaker environment. In the formation of a holistic tool for the placement of audio sources in a three-dimensional environment, a graphical environment was created to visualize the placement of speakers and to understand the flow of partials through the system. For the development of this system, I used the Max programming language. The code base which you should find with this paper exists as a variety of different max patches and Max For Live Devices supporting a number of different applications.

IMSYS was presented at CNMAT at UC Berkeley and CCRMA at Stanford University during November of 2019.

More recent research and development has involved the encoding of partials into Ambisonics B-Format.