Between Composition

School of Art, Media + Technology
Parsons School of Design at The New School - Spring 2021

This course will look at various technological, cultural and political developments in the 20th century and examine their effects on musical thinking of the time. Drawing from profound paradigm shifts, composers pioneered new sound practices that introduced tools such as chance, computational thinking, and environmental sounds—once regarded as non-musical—to the compositional lexicon. The approaches we will recognize created a grey area, blurring social constructs that defined where music began and other areas of inquiry ended. We will foreground work from the avant garde and experimental traditions as well as from less recognized figures and communities.

Through this exploration we will build towards developing unique approaches in our own creative sound work by examining code based tools such as machine learning and computer vision. Participants with an interest or practice in sound and music, multi-media installation, or with more critical and investigatory backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Each class will contain a historical survey as well as creative components. Experience with programming is not necessary


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