Veil is a collection of resources for adaptable, open source, and realtime audio encryption. The system is built on the principals of a Monoalphabetic Substitution Cypher and applies them to a spectral sampling of sound. The source code is available in the form of Max and Pure Data patches, as well as a plain description of the algorithm which may be applied to another programming environment. methods for data privacy. Though the spur a more community based approach to homebrew privacy tools.

Source Code

download the max and pure data source here:repository!!!


The Algorithm

Input audio is taken into a pfft object where it is run through a gen~

The Examples

The algorithm was inspired by Simon Singh's The Code Book, which details the history of, and methods for encryption.

One of the earliest methods of encryption was the mono-alphabetic cypher.

Simon Singh

Veil is a digital audio algorithm that achieves an encryption of sound via FFT Bin scrambling. In it's current iteration, it exists as a pair of Max patches and a standalone Mac DMG. Currently I am working towards porting these to Pure Data patches which allow for greater accesibility to these tools. Click here for the source code on github.