fft based audio encryption 🃏

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Veil is a collection of resources for adaptable, open source, and realtime audio encryption. The system is built on the principles of a Monoalphabetic Substitution Cypher and applies them to a spectral sampling of sound. The source code is available in the form of Max and Pure Data patches, as well as a plain description of the algorithm which may be applied to another programming environment.

Source Code

download the max and pure data source here:repository!!!

The Algorithm

The Examples

The algorithm was inspired by Simon Singh's The Code Book, a look at the history and various methods of encryption.

One of the earliest forms of data obfuscation was achieved through a mono-alphabetic cypher.

Simon Singh

Veil is a digital audio algorithm that achieves an encryption of sound via FFT Bin scrambling. In it's current iteration, it exists as a pair of Max patches and a standalone Mac DMG. Currently I am working towards porting these to Pure Data patches which allow for greater accesibility to these tools. Click here for the source code on github.